Dienstag, 12. Mai 2009


A Promise To My Loveby
Karin Schaefer
I believe that none could love youquite as deeply as I do;
And yet I often fail to showthe depth of it to you.
I vow to do the little things, to show you every day;
But one thing or another seems to get into the way.
I pledge to be more open, to have courage and be strong;
But some how fear takes overand then everything goes wrong.
I dream of perfect love for us,and hope that it will be;
And yet I end up giving you a less than perfect me.
I want to be much more for you,be everything you need.
I hope and seek, beg and pray "Change me Lord! ", I plead.
You are the only one I want.
It is for you I yearn.
I guess, my love, there's still so much that I have yet to learn.
I cannot give perfection, but this I promise I will do -
I will spend my life time learning how to give my love to you.
This poem is meant to remind us of that "special day",
when words spoken from the heart in front of friends and family,
confirm our love to one another