Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2009


Cool colours in hues of baby pink, rich cream, soft lilac, pale sky blue,
mint green, and soft silver tones
Balmy mid-purples, rich peaches, ice whites, baby yellows and pale blues.
Warming burgundies, claret red, copper, olive green, and dark pink.
Any frosty tone of cream or white; from ivory to pale coffee cream. Other wintery themed colors include silvery greys, and icicle blues.

Light red to dark red means courage, passion, health, protection, strength. There's an indisputable energy to the color red - an energy that has the power to transform an otherwise unassuming flower into the essence of desire, strength, and passionate love.

Purple means healing, meditation, spiritualism. From passionate plums to ladylike lavender-there's hardly a message or wish that a purple floral arrangement doesn't perfectly convey. With its origins tied to royalty and ceremony, purple flowers represent sweet, dignity, pride and success. Whether grouped alone in a bold range of rich hues or mixed in with other colors to provide depth and contrast, an arrangement filled with purple blooms represents accomplishment and admiration

Pink means friendship and love. Thinking on pink and you think of grace, gentility, and happiness. Regardless of the shape of the flower - from the tight, small buds of a pink garden rose to the delicate, open petals of a pink caellia in full bloom - pink blossoms convey youth, innocence, and joy.
The color of youth, joy and gentility, in soft pastels, pink flowers charm us with innocence and sweetness. Pink color remind us that pink is perfect, no matter who you're celebrating.

Dark to light orange, using fruits and flowers to make sophistication and elegance arrangement. It's symbolize energy, enthusiasm, and warmth. This Orange arrangement conveys confidence, satisfaction and a passion for life.

Green means fertility, growth, money, envy and green floral arrangements evocate nature itself and represents health, resilience, good fortune and youth. In a range of hues, they create subtle shadows and shapes for sophisticated fresh flower floral gifts and long-lasting plants and signify optimism, renewal, health and good fortune

White is likely a freshly fallen snow, the finest of lace or the drama of a wedding dress is a singular beauty by it self. The combination of white to grey will gives you a elegance wedding decoration look. White is often associated with innocence, humility, reverence, and white flowers evoke simple beauty. White determinate protection, purification, peace, modesty and elegance.

White to yellow gives you a sunshine vision and feel of joy and lightheardness. Sassy, happy and full of sunshine it's just not possible to be greeted by yellow flowers. Yellow means attraction, intellect, study. There's a good reason to radiating energy and glowing with joyful affection, a yellow floral arrangement symbolizes new beginnings, happiness and friendship.

The pale blue hues of a hydrangea or the deep blues of an iris can calm worries and preoccupation representing peace, openness, and serenity, fresh floral arrangements filled with blue flowers offers a cooling antidote to anxiousness.
From the lacey blue hydrangea to the regal blue iris, blue conveys the tranquility of a pristine ocean, the uplifting spirit of a sun-filled sky or the confidence of a blue-ribbon victory. With symbolism ranging from faithfulness and loyalty to intelligence and peace, blue flowers add a cool and calm beauty to any arrangement.

Obviously, there are so many different colours and tones that it would take forever to list absolutely every meaning. Here are some examples of the more ‘traditional’ connotations of specific colours ...
Light Blue - healing, happiness, patience.
Dark blue - change.
Green - fertility, growth, money, envy.
Orange - energy, stimulation.
Pink - friendship, love.
Purple - healing, meditation, spiritualism.
Red - courage, passion, health, protection, strength.
Yellow - attraction, intellect, study. White - protection, purification, peace