Donnerstag, 30. April 2009

Moterhs Day

On 10th of April is mother day.

Here some inspirations for to say thank you to our mums!!



Familiy Tree Photo Cards

A handmade card with photographs depicting different generations shows that the things mothers and daughters have in common transcend the passing styles of the times.

Tools and Materials
Color copies of photographs (enlarged or reduced in scale); cut into 2-inch squares
Card stock
Colored paper
Craft glue
Bone folder
1 yard of thin ribbon

Tent Card
Fold a 6-by-12-inch sheet of card stock in half crosswise; the fold is the top of the card. Glue a 5-inch square of colored paper to the center of the front of the card. Glue one photo onto each colored square, as shown. Glue a length of ribbon around edge of card, and tie off at the last corner.
Accordion Card
Fold a 6-by-24-inch sheet of card stock at 6-inch intervals. Use a bone folder to create sharp creases. Glue a photo on each accordion fold, as shown. Frame each photo with four lengths of ribbon; affix with craft glue. Write each person's name under her image