Dienstag, 28. April 2009

DIY - Veil, Hair Flower, Birdcage Veil

Finding the perfect accessory for your hair is tres important when it comes to completing your wedding, for the bride, the bridesmaids or the guests

Fabric: Tulle (be creative and select different sizes and textures to create contrast)
Beads/Gems (from your local bead shop.
Rhinestones, crystals, clear beads add sparkle and a bit of elegance to your handmade creation)Comb (Any beauty store or Target should have this)
Feathers (try craft stores, like Michaels)
White thread, sewing needle and fabric glue that dries clear

Step 1: Gather the materials and lay them out. You’ll want to cut the tulle in a few different sizes. This way you can play to see what combinations you like best

Step 2: Once you have the combination you like, gather the tulle in a bunch on the comb so you can stitch the two parts together. Make sure it’s stitched tight. Play with the tulle to make sure it’s falling nicely across your face.

Step 3: Now you can begin to add gems and feathers. You’ll want to add a cluster of gems on top of the comb to hide your stitching. Then add rhinestones and feathers to your liking.

Step 4: Tuck the comb into your hair and drape tulle in front of your face…You’re done!”

If you ar not the bride, give the tulle away, you can also use a pretty flower
or make it in a different color!!!

Link: http://100layercake.com/blog/archives/category/diy-wedding/page/2